Mark Camoccio reveals why he loves to wear his trusty Jack Pyke Tundra 2 Boots in this detailed test and review

Jack Pyke has become synonymous with practical kit for the outdoor sportsman, and the product line-up has really expanded over the last few years. Sturdy footwear has always been part of their catalogue, and thorough design and durability, has seen the popularity of the brand grow exponentially.

credit: Archant

I can personally vouch for the quality of Jack Pyke boots because I have competed in hunter field target competitions around the country in them for some time now. We have enough to think about navigating a target course, and just knowing that footwear will be dependable and built for the job, allows us to concentrate purely on performance.

On show here are the latest upgraded version of their popular Tundra boots, and whilst the modern,  slightly lairy camouflage pattern is a real head-turner, it’s the lack of weight that initially grabs the attention. I couldn’t resist weighing them, and at 1.4lbs apiece, these boots certainly won’t add to any tiredness over a long period outdoors.

Support, comfort, and warmth, are all vital qualities in any boot, but technology begins to play a part, when aspects such as ‘breathability’ are considered. These boots are constructed from 900D Cordura, utilising Hydroguard material which is pretty high tec and formed from laminated (layered) material, covered in microscopic pores.

Water droplets are simply too large to pass through the membrane, but the pores are the perfect size to allow sweat and moisture to escape. The result is a 100% waterproof membrane, keeping the foot cosy yet dry. Seam-sealed for maximum protection, these boots also feature an extended padded tongue, sealed all the way around, just allowing the top three lace holes some freedom. Water ingress here can be unpleasant over an extended day, so this is all welcome detail. 

credit: Archant

These Tundra 2s feature a ‘high abrasion’ lining for maximum wear and added comfort, along with a padded heel, and pull loops, to help get them on. There’s a mesh lining too, along with hard exterior reinforced toe and heel protectors. The sole is specified as a mixture of EVA and natural rubber. EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) is apparently one of the best shock absorption materials available, popular in jogging kit, but also a technical advantage in boots. The chunky grip pattern means you won’t be sliding anytime soon.

My test boots came specified in a UK11, and I do have wide feet, yet these were a good fit. One observation was that the laces needed re-tying on alternate holes because they weren’t long enough to cover all holes. That said, I don’t see this as a problem, since the hole sets do seem rather close together and with the boot re-laced, all bound up perfectly snug.

credit: Archant

Having worn these boots over an extended test period, everything feels slick and well made, offering a technical level of performance, along with impressive support and comfort.

Waterproof yet breathable, rugged and durable, yet super lightweight … all the necessary features stack up with these Tundra 2s, and with the trusted Jack Pyke name on board, they’re a ‘no-brainer’ so to speak – and all for a fair asking price.  

credit: Archant

Jack Pyke Tundra 2 Boots
Colour: Camouflage 
RRP: £85
Contact: Jack Pyke