Dave Barham gets better acquainted with the Enfield 2-7x32 Pistol Scope in this detailed test and review

I’ll be honest, I’ve never really used traditional pistol scopes before now, I’ve tended to favour the red-dot or laser types for most of my target shooting. So, attaching this scope to my AirForceOne Taichi pistol was something of a novelty for me. However, I soon recognised the benefits.


Traditionally, pistol scopes are a fixed magnification with a smaller objective lens, often the same size as the ocular lens, like 2x20, or 4x32, so to have one with a zoom capability from 2-7 times magnification is somewhat unique. At first, I did question whether this was actually designed for a pistol rather than a rifle, but holding it up to the sky to peer through it soon confirmed that – the eye relief is massive.

The zoom itself is very smooth and not too stiff, so zooming in and out whilst holding on to a target with one hand is achievable.


This scope features a mil-dot reticle, and looking through it confirmed that I really need to visit the opticians – the dots are obviously minuscule, and although I could see the windage dots as clear as day, I struggled to make out the individual dots on the elevation plane – a trip to Specsavers is most definitely on the cards for me, because my wife could see them all perfectly!

As you’d expect with a mil dot, the windage and elevation turrets, which are housed underneath screw-on dust caps, represent a ¼-inch at 100 yards for each click – I know that’s an industry standard, but what good that is for a pistol I have no idea – you get the idea, though.


Weighing in at around 220g it’s not very heavy at all and I found that it balanced very nicely on top of my pistol. That’s with the scope pulled back and overhanging the pistol grip by quite some way due to my gibbon-like arms. For those with normal length arms the scope will sit even better, more forward on the pistol.

As far as the optics themselves go, the glass seems to be great quality. Everything is clear and crisp as you look through it.


I really enjoyed shooting my pistol with this scope attached, so much so that I have left in on there for the foreseeable future. If you shoot pistols with a scope, then the zoom function on this model could well be of interest to you, to add a new dimension to your shooting experience. For less than seventy quid with the mounts included, it’s not going to break the bank either.


Tube Size: 25mm

Optical System: 2-7x

Objective: 32mm

Reticle: Mil dot

Eye relief: 215-266mm

Length: 260mm

Weight: 220g

RRP: £45 (inc mounts)

Website: Enfield Sports