Dave Barham sets his sights on the new Glock 19X blow-back

credit: Archant

This new pistol is the very latest CO2-powered, .177 BB, blow-back version, and it really looks the part with its 'Coyote' (FDE) colour - not the normal black or gunmetal grey. As per usual with the Umarex replicas, this one is licensed by Glock, so it is as close to the real thing as possible.

The 19X is Glock's first crossover pistol, featuring the compact slide of the Glock 19 on the full-size frame of the Glock 17. For those who want to share the excitement of owning a Glock, this over-the-counter CO2 version is ideal.

With its heavy metal slide, powerful blow-back action and all-in-one magazine the Glock 19X promises hours of fun shooting.

credit: Archant

All in one mag

As with all Glock pistols, the first job was to remove the magazine so that I could load it up with 18 steel BBs and insert a 12g CO2 canister. This is achieved by pushing the button release with your thumb whilst holding the pistol. I love the way the mag' releases and drops into your waiting hand; the weight of the magazine is very authentic, and really helps it to slide out quickly.

Next, it's a simple case of sliding the false bottom on the base of the mag' to access the Allen key screw. Undo the screw slightly, slip in the CO2 canister and then tighten the screw down with the Allen key provided to pierce the top of the canister.

Loading the mag' is simple, too. You pull down the spring retainer and slide it left to lock it in place, then drop your 18 BBs into the small hole at the top of the mag'. Once loaded, you must remember to slide the spring retainer clip back over to the right - or you'll be shooting air!

credit: Archant

Simple shooting

With the magazine 'locked and loaded' you have to then switch the manual safety to the 'Off' position. This is located directly underneath the barrel at the front of the pistol.

The combat sights on this Glock 19X are brilliant. The rear notch has bright white dots either side, whilst the fore sight post also has a very pronounced white dot, so lining the two up is really easy, even in low light conditions. These sights allow you to keep control of where you're aiming with a certain degree of accuracy when emptying a magazine, even though the BBs tend to do their own thing once they exit the barrel.

The double-action trigger is great. It feels really comfortable and allows you to rattle off 18 shots in a matter of seconds. You can do everything with this pistol, from taking single pot shots at tin cans to testing your skills and firing 18 shots in quick succession into a paper target or cardboard box.

credit: Archant

Ed's verdict

If you want to own an authentic Glock BB pistol that is a close to the real thing as you can get, then the Umarex Glock 19X is the pistol for you. It's really easy to operate and requires little in the way of maintenance. What's more, it's great fun to shoot, especially when plinking in your back garden. I'm struggling to see how anyone into airguns would not like it.


Calibre: .177 BB

Mag capacity: 18 shots

Velocity: 115 m/s

Trigger: Double-action

Overall length: 200mm

Barrel length: 96mm

Weight: 705g

RRP: £159.99

For more details on this and other CO2 pistols, visit bisley-uk.com.