Check out this new range of gun cleaning and sanitising products from new kids on the block, ‘On Target’

This new range of products, under the banner of ‘On Target’, was born through the unlikely collaboration of Nik Carney of Wirral Guns, and chemist, Barry Bladon.

Barry had always been into air rifles as a kid, but like so many, he took a break from the sport and returned during lockdown. After the first lockdown, Barry ventured to Wirral Guns to buy himself a new rifle where he met owner Nik, and the rest is history!

Barry has been a chemist for decades and has a number of product inventions to his name, and these new ‘On Target’ products are just a small part of what he has been tinkering with over the past three years. It seemed like the perfect time to release them to the public after many years of rigorous testing, and from what we can tell, they are unlike anything else out there on the market.

What’s more, each product is environmentally friendly, right down to the bottles themselves! 

On Target Gun and Hand Sanitiser is a hand and touch point sanitiser that is British lab tested to kill and protect against at least 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses. It acts by forming an anti-microbial coating, which continues to protect against viruses and bacteria even when dry.

This unique water-based agent cleans and sanitises all hard surfaces, and anywhere that hygiene is paramount. It’s safe, non-irritant, non-flammable and contains no alcohol.

It takes up to 30 seconds to kill and remove harmful germs from a surface, and as a cleaner, it removes all ingrained dirt from heavily contaminated areas, including blood, urine and other bodily fluids. If you are handling guns etc., in the field or range, you can’t guarantee that your oppo has washed their hands after the bathroom!

Spray the surface with On Target Sanitiser, leave for two minutes and wipe with the special ‘Dual’ cloth, agitator side down. Where there are stubborn marks use the Dual cloth agitator to remove, before wiping clean with the soft side of the cloth. The result will be a smear-free, undamaged and clean surface.

Available in 100ml spray (£4.50), 500ml spray (£13.50), 5-litre refill (£40) and various kits.

On Target Extreme Degreaser is a heavy-duty cleaner that removes grease and oils from your guns, fishing reels and other surfaces. It uses a unique surfactant solution that replaces the need for aggressive chemicals or solvents. On Target Extreme Degreaser promises a rapid clean that is suitable for all non-porous surfaces. 

Use for soiled, oily or greasy surfaces and anywhere heavy-duty cleaning is required. Every time we handle a rifle, we leave trace amounts of our natural body grease on the surface, and this stuff will remove that in an instant. It’s also great as a stain remover for use on painted walls, carpets and skirting boards!

Simply spray on soiled areas, agitate with the Dual cloth and wipe clean.

Available in 100ml spray (£5.50), 500ml spray (£13.49) and various kits.

A specially formulated cleaner and conditioner, On target Stock and Leather Cleaner can be used to bring old, tired stocks back to life. Solvent and abrasive free, the effective formula includes conditioners and gets to work to deep clean and condition wood.

It has a unique formulation that uses a synergy of moisturisers and delicate cleaners to keep leather soft and supple. Predominantly water-based, the product can be used on all different woods including furniture, as well as leathers from furniture, car interiors, shoes and equestrian leathers. For heavily ingrained dirt, use an On Target agitator cloth to help displace soiling without damage. Then use the fibre cloth to buff if required. NOT FOR USE on Nubuck or suede.

Available in 100ml spray (£4.50), 500ml spray (£9) and various kits. 

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