Dave Barham reveals a new company on the block that is developing 3D-printed mags for air rifles...

Elemental Objects (EO), has just launched into the airgun market with their new range of retro-fit magazine and single-shot trays.

Produced in a dedicated production facility operated by Sheffield-based Addition Additive Manufacturing, EO’s inaugural mag’s and trays are designed for Daystate and Brocock PCPs. 

They’re not stopping there though, with loads of other manufacturer-compatible mag’s and other accessories in the pipeline.

credit: Archant

Primarily an additive manufacturing and 3D printing consultancy, Addition Additive Manufacturing utilises industrial 3D printing technology and additive manufacturing for their customers.

With a heritage in consultancy, they consult on design and supply components and products that benefit from high quality additive manufacture.

Together with their passion and knowledge of the sector, as well as the ideal combination of exacting product and quality requirements, the air rifle sector is one that is set to benefit significantly from the use of their industrial additive manufacturing capability.

Observing the growth in the amount of 3D printed parts available on the market and understanding how the individuality and customisations that additive manufacturing can bring, provide unlimited opportunities and I think we’re going to see some great things from this company in the very near future.

credit: Archant

So on to the review, and the obvious question, ‘Are they any good?’. Well, ‘yes’ is the short answer, they are.
Ingeniously, EO’s mag’s and trays will work with every Daystate model ever made, apart from the Delta Wolf, thanks to a unique design that spans multiple breech types and tolerances. So, whether your Daystate runs the legacy or latest flip-open magazine, the EO aftermarket mag’ will work! EO also states that their Brocock-compatible tray and mag’ works with all models since the Compatto. 

I was sent both calibres of Daystate and Brocock mag’s to play with, and I’ve really put them through their paces over the past month. I like the fact that some of the Daystate models are customisable with a small magnet and locating pin included for you to ‘build’ your own mag’. The main difference that I found was that unlike the original mags, the flip-out covers on these EO mag’s don’t open all the way out - they sit at 90 degrees to the main body of the mag’. It’s no big deal – I still found them very easy to load.

With RRPs of £35 each for the self-indexing mag’s and just £10 for a tray, they provide a big saving against the original manufactured products, but only time will tell if they can stand up to the rigours of abuse that some of us airgunners put our gear through out in the field. I’m looking forward to seeing what else comes out of the EO stable in due course. 

For a full list on EO stockists, visit :www.elementalobjects.co.uk