Italian optics company, Konus’ new ultra-compact Pro T30 3-12 X 44 model is a classic example of a go-ahead operation, eager to respond to the demands of its customers - as Mark Camoccio discovers

credit: Archant


Variable magnification from 3x through to 12x, and an objective lens of 44mm, isn't that unusual, but it's the way this highly versatile specification has been packaged up inside such a super-compact body shell that's perhaps the biggest eye-opener. It's not all about trendy looks, though, as we shall see.

The T30 is just 10.4 inches, is fogproof (nitrogen-filled tube), shockproof, waterproof, features multi-coated lens, and comes fitted with flip-up lens covers. Built around a one-piece 30mm tube, construction feels robust, to say the least. Throw in the usual fast-focus adjuster at the rear, and an engraved, illuminated reticle, and we have the makings of a serious optical tool. The ultra matte-black finish is highly practical for field use, as are the low profile screw cap turrets; ¼-inch clicks, incidentally.

UK importers, Rangeright, have worked closely with the Konus design team, to come up with a dedicated airgun version of the T30, and of course, the main implication of that is parallax. The firearm spec' sees the parallax set for 100 yards, but this airgun-specific version is altogether different. You'll notice that there's no separate focus adjuster, but with the magnification dial set to 3x, parallax is 4-6 yards; with the mag on 12x, parallax switches to 30 yards. Clever stuff, perfect for airgun duties and given the spec', that has to include HFT shooting, too.

credit: Archant


'T' in T30 denotes Tactical, and whilst this trendy label does the rounds, the 550 ballistic reticle certainly delivers. The Christmas tree-style stadia are perfectly proportioned, with a host of aim/ reference points at your disposal. The small central dot is precise enough, and one higher point allows for hold-under shots. Trajectory of a given pellet can be plotted against the array of lines and mid-points on the lower quadrants, too. We get thick outer posts, and I'm a fan of these because they help to guide the eye to the centre, when the image is in danger of getting lost in dark foliage, for example. Positive fine aim points, in a pleasingly bold design, best sums up this reticle, and the fact that it's glass etched, brings confidence, with it's added resilience under recoil.

There's illumination, too, for those who appreciate this feature, and here, the left turret acts as the rheostat dial, with five levels of brightness, in blue or red. Everything bar the outer thick posts, lights up, so it's another tool in the armoury.

credit: Archant

On the range

It's refreshing to see the low-profile turret caps because unless you shoot field target, where dialling each target is the norm, we really don't need outsized chunky turrets, adding unnecessary weight and width to our set-up. Unscrew the caps, and precisely marked turrets with ¼ -inch clicks await. I soon had a zero, and for the record, there's a wide range of adjustment on each. The usual grid test went to plan, tracking up, right, down, then left, for a satisfactory return, so with this complete, I reapplied the caps before losing them! Image quality is impressive, and with my passion for hunter field target guiding the way, viewing targets through the typical distances, 8-45 yards, made sense. Edge-to-edge sharpness is spot-on, but the consistent clarity stands out. Viewing on 9x mag, I found ultra-close 8-10 yards usably blurred, then 15-20 yards just slightly less crisp, and 25 yards onwards sharp.

So any negatives to highlight? Only that the flip-up lens covers supplied, were a bit on the slack side, and could too easily twist or get knocked off. Some sort of rubber rim would help, but otherwise, the Konus made quite an impression.


Konus are becoming synonymous with 'value for money' products, yet the technical spec' sheet on offer here surely belies that unbelievable asking price. The Konus Pro T30 3-12 x 44 is not only well presented, but a highly versatile, nicely thought out optical tool, perfectly suited to the demands of hunter field target, or parallel hunting duties.


Model: Konus Pro T30 3-12 x 44

Manufacturer: Konus

Objective lens diameter: 44mm

Reticle: Engraved ballistic 550 reticle, engraved and illuminated red & blue

Weight: 21.1oz

Length: 10.4"

Click adjustment: 1/4MOA

Field of view: 36.7ft - 9.1ft at 100 yards

Eye relief: 3.5"

Body tube: 30mm

Turret type: Low-profile screw cap

Focal plane: 2nd

Finish: Matte black

Turret movement: Windage: 1 full turret rotation = 60 clicks / 9.8 revolutions possible | Elevation: 1 full turret rotation = 60 clicks / 10.8 revs possible

Retail price: £179.95 approximate guide price including flip-up lens caps

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