Terry Doe tests and reviews a rifle case made specifically for bullpup air rifles - the new, practically indestructible Napier Razorback Bullpup DX!

We surely live in the age of the bullpup, and it was only a matter of time before specialist companies catered specifically for the needs of that market. Here in front of me is a fine example of specialised catering, in the practically indestructible form of the Napier Razorback Bull Pup DX rifle bag. It’s the latest in the deservedly successful Razorback range, and it’s going to sell loads, not only because it’s a good product, but also because many of the bullpup owners out there use expensive rifles, topped with equally expensive sighting systems, and they want to protect their investments.

Is the cost worth it?
For many, the most noticeable feature about the new Razorback Bull Pup DX rifle bag, will be the price. It costs an admittedly significant £124.99, so let’s deal with that before exploring what Napier is offering in exchange for it. I have several Napier Razorback rifle cases and they protect some of my most precious, and costly, rifles and sights. Some are more than 10 years old, and apart from the knocks and scratches I’ve inflicted on the ridges of the Razorbacks’ wrap-around protective strips, those cases are as good as the day I got them. 

Now, working it out on a cost-per-year basis, a £125 protection system comes in at £12.50 a year, with many more years to come. It’s highly likely that shooters such as our own Mick Garvey, will be entrusting kit costing north of three grand to the Razorback DX, so at less than the price of three pints of beer a year, the numbers definitely stack up. The Razorback cases come with a reassuring 5-year limited warranty, too, and close examination of their features will show why Napier is so confident in the Bull Pup DX version, and the Razorback range in general. 

credit: Archant

Protection for your air rifle
The name of the Razorback game is protection, with quality of construction and convenience backing this main theme. The Razorback’s highly weather-resistant, 5-layer construction is built – and ‘built’ is the appropriate term – around an EVA shell, protected by bands of Armour Flex at the most vulnerable areas around the rear of the case, plus the muzzle end and sides. The whole system is rated at a lateral load protection of up to 50 kilos, so if your rifles are in any way likely to need protecting from the best part of a hundredweight dropping on them, you need to look at this case.

More protection comes courtesy of the provided Napier Super VP 90 corrosion inhibitor sachet, that slips into a labelled pocket and provides a rust-inhibitive shield for over a year. Replacement VP90 sachets are readily available from Napier stockists.   

Napier Razorback Bullpup DX features
The Razorback DX’s full-length zip is not only extra-heavy-duty grade, it’s entirely protected by a self-closing, anti-contamination system that keeps out dirt and grit, backed by a ‘rollover’ double seam that provides a sturdy buffer throughout the whole length of the zip. Again, over 10 years of hard use, none of my Razorback gun case zips have even become slightly ‘reluctant’ to open and close. 

The Bull Pup DX comes with an adjustable offset harness that allows the user to carry their rifle backpack-style, leaving both hands free, and for those who hunt over rough terrain, this is a seriously handy feature. 

The carrying handles feature interlocking grips that slide together to form a totally secure closure. On your back, or in standard carrying mode, this case just makes life easier. 

For those who don’t need the harness, it can be unclipped in seconds and stored in the Razorback’s exterior zipped pouch, along with essentials such as pellets, cleaning kit, or whatever you need. That pouch has three small pockets for multi-shot magazines, plus a larger zipped compartment for yet more essentials. All in all, that side pouch is a bit of a Tardis, and holds more than you’d think. 

credit: Archant

Inside the Napier Razorback Bullpup DX
The plush, padded lining of the Razorback DX is described by Napier as ‘flock’, and it has a velvety feel about it, which in my experience can be easily brushed clean, should any mud have been transferred from the rifle after use in the field. 
A pair of sturdy webbing straps, secured with Velcro panels, can be used to prevent the rifle sliding around during transit, and these straps are long enough to accommodate bulky accessories such as night-vision scopes and thermal units.  

More importantly, the DX has a depth designed into it that takes the tallest of combos, without hassle, and there’s enough length to take most bullpups without having to remove the silencer. That said, I always remove the moderators from my rifles, even if they fit their cases with them attached. It’s just something I prefer to do, plus a couple of shots to check zero once I’m on site. 

It should be noted that the Uragan Argus I used for the photos isn’t the most compact of rifles, and as you can see, there was plenty of room for it. A quick flick through my past test notes shows that there isn’t a bullpup that this case won’t accommodate. Study the specifications panel in this article for confirmation, if you’re thinking of buying one – and you really should be. 

The Napier Razorback Bull Pup DX rifle case is super-tough, expertly designed and made, totally practical, easier to store than a rigid case, and it offers an extremely high level of protection. I think it’s worth every penny. 

Tech specs
Manufacturer: Napier Of London
Name: Razorback Bull Pup DX
Type: Bullpup-dedicated rifle case
Overall internal length: 92cm
Overall internal width: 40cm at butt and central section
Weight: 2.25kg
Outer zipped pocket size: 28cm x 17cm
Detachable shoulder straps: adjustable from 70cm to 106cm
Limited warranty: 5 years
Price: £124.99
Available from: All good gun shops
Contact: 01235 812 993