How flexible is this new fleece from Ridgeline? Phill Price explains

As the cooler days of autumn turn to winter, layering our clothing is one of the most important things we can do if we want to be comfortable. Being able to take a layer off as you overheat slogging up a muddy hill, and then putting it back on as you cool down in your hide, is the smart way to manage your comfort. A high-quality, mid-layer is a key part of that plan and the Ballistic hoodie from Ridgeline is a good choice.

This medium-weight fleece is in a dark olive green, so on cool dry days it can serve well as a lightweight jacket over a base layer, or be worn under a thicker jacket on the coldest days of the winter. I’ll be open and say that I don’t like hoods, but I know most people do, and this one will certainly keep your neck and ears warmer than any hat ever could. There’s a draw-cord around the hood opening to keep it close to your face so it won’t obscure your peripheral vision, and I also like the long neck zip which again, can be used to cool you down, or be snugged up to your chin to keep the warmth in.

Highly versatile

At the front, there are two well-designed pockets, the main one of which is huge and double-ended. It goes right across your belly, making a good hand-warmer, and can accept a pigeon or two as a game pocket. In front of this is a zipped pocket that can securely hold your car keys or any other valuables that you can’t afford to lose out in the field.

This is a straightforward fleece, rather than the windproof or waterproof laminate, and for me that’s a good thing. It means that it’s properly breathable and any sweat can evaporate naturally, keeping you comfortable and dry. Of course, that also means that on rainy or windy days this needs to be worn under a shell jacket as a warm mid-layer.

This is a highly useful and versatile fleece. It will make a good addition to any airgunner’s wardrobe, and coming from Ridgeline we know it will last well without costing a fortune.

RRP £44.99