BASC has updated its advice on shooting during lockdown in England - wildfowling, rough shooting and stalking are back on, subject to certain conditions

BASC is advising members that, in light of government providing greater clarity on the new Covid regulations in England, activities such as wildfowling, deer stalking and rough shooting are now allowed as a form of exercise so long as certain stringent conditions are met around travel and social distancing.

Those conditions are detailed here:

* You should only travel locally to shoot which is to “stay local in the village, town, or part of the city where you live” as defined in government guidance.

* When shooting you should only meet with people you live with, your support bubble; or when on your own, with one person from another household.

* If you cannot comply with these conditions, then you must not shoot as a form of exercise. To do so would place you at risk of a fine and may jeopardise your shotgun and/or firearm certificate. If you have no local shooting available then you will have to take your daily exercise in other ways.

In line with these conditions, BASC does not consider that driven game shooting or other group shooting activities should take place.

BASC England director Dan Reynolds said: “It is to be welcomed that people can now get out to shoot in some form. Shooting’s importance for personal physical and mental wellbeing is well documented.

“But BASC is stressing that people must consider the impact of their actions on the image and reputation of shooting. We must be sensitive to the lockdown the country is in. Many people will not be as fortunate as those who can now get out to shoot, so it is important we act accordingly when we can enjoy those freedoms.

“We all have a responsibility to comply with Government regulations and guidance, and failure to do so may also place you at risk of a fine and jeopardise your shotgun and firearm certificates.”

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