New Gunpower Edge target rifle previewed.

This space-age looking rifle is Gunpower’s latest offering. As makers of the superb Stealth Sporting rifle, Gunpower know a thing or two about gunsmithing. Their new Edge rifle is primarily designed for target shooting and has the look and feel of an expensive precision rifle. At around �499 it’s realistically priced for the first time target shooter. Unique features include an ambidextrous cocking knob, adjustable length of pull (up to 15cm), adjustable fore-end and precision aperture sight. It weighs 3kg and comes in .177 calibre with a muzzle velocity of 165-175mps. You also get up to 100 shots per charge from the slim line air bottle. For more information call: Gunpower on: 01233 642357 or visit: For a full review of this rifle see Air Gunner January issue.