Terry Doe and Dave Barham head out rabbiting once again; it's challenging shooting conditions, but they still bag a few for the pot!

In this series on Shooting & Country TV, airgun legends Terry Doe and Dave Barham (editors of Airgun World and Airgunner magazines) will be hunting a range of quarry with air rifles, night vision and thermal spotters and scopes. From rabbits to squirrels, pigeons and rats, this six month series will cover all quarry you can hunt with an air rifle.

In episode 4, the pair return to one of Terry's permissions to try and make a dent in the rabbit population. Rabbiting is never easy, and with a permanent outdoor light casting shadows whenever they move and the wind stubbornly blowing in the wrong direction, it's set to be a long old night. 

Nevertheless, the dynamic air rifle hunting duo have some luck, and Terry has brought along his outdoor cooking kit to demonstrate skinning, butchering, and cooking the rabbits up into a delicious, hearty rabbit stew to warm them up. Enjoy.

Air rifles: Air Arms S510R Ultimate Sporter in .177
Thermal scopes and spotters: Thomas Jacks Pulsar Helion 2 XQ50F and Axion XQ38 spotters and Pulsar Thermion 2 XQ38 scope, Pulsar Digex C50 day/night scope
Pellets: Ruag Norma Golden Trophy FT 
Clothing: Ruag Shooterking Woodlands digital camo jacket and Huntflex Jacket and trousers
Accessories: Ruag Bergara backpack, RWS Zebrawood knife, Quick-Sharp Sharpener