In this special episode of Shooting & Country TV (S&C TV), we're out with squirrel ranger Mick Garvey and learning all about red squirrel conservation practices in the UK. 

Our native red squirrels have been close to wiped out by disease and competition from the non-native greys, and if it weren't for people like Mick, it is predicted that they will become extinct in the UK within 10 years. 

We head to Mick's stomping ground in Cumbria, and shadow him as he goes about eradicating the grey squirrels to make way for the reds. 

The safest, most effective way to reduce grey numbers is to shoot them with air rifles; air rifle shooting is selective, and has no risk of ricochet, unlike full bore rifles. 

 Along the way, we learn loads of fascinating red squirrel facts, and find out more about what it takes to bring these beautiful little animals back from the brink!


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