In this video, Terry Doe is on a mission (with air rifle in hand!) to shoot some problem rabbits before they cause injury to the horses or the train tracks...

In this new series on Shooting & Country TV, airgun legends Terry Doe and Dave Barham (editors of Airgun World and Airgunner magazines) will be hunting a range of quarry with air rifles, night vision and thermal spotters and scopes. From rabbits to squirrels, pigeons and rats, this six month series will cover all quarry you can hunt with an air rifle.

Episode two sees Terry heading out alone since Dave has been struck down by Covid. Instead, Terry's mate Frank is on spotting duty while Terry shoots, and together they work their way around a new permission with an insanely high rabbit population. 

The rabbits are not only threatening the welfare of the resident horses, but are burrowing under the embankment of the railway track, causing a serious public health issue.

Despite the amount of rabbits, this is hard hunting, and even Terry with his years of experience is struggling to get onto many. Find out how Frank and Terry get on in this month's episode!

Air rifles:
Air Arms S510R Ultimate Sporter in .177, Air Arms  
Thermal scopes and spotters: Pulsar Helion 2 XQ50F and Axion XQ38 spotters and Pulsar Thermion XM30 and Thermion 2 XQ38 scopes, Thomas Jacks  
Pellets: Norma Golden Trophy FT, Ruag