Something truly different catches the editor’s eye

I have great respect for Mora knives and will freely admit to being a fan of Scandinavian knife makers, with several in my collection of hard-working blades. When I first saw the Eldris on test, it immediately struck me that this was a superb working tool for airgun hunters. I find that I use fixed blade knives more and more these days, but some are perhaps a little too big for processing rabbits and squirrels, so this blade at just over 2” might be a better bet.

Despite the knife’s diminutive overall proportions, the dual polymer grip is a proper handful, giving reassured and positive control, even when wet or bloody. For fine detail work I found that I was able to point my index finger along the blade’s spine for ultimate control. Conversely, for heavy jobs, I could fill my fist with the grip and apply as much pressure as I wanted, making this tiny knife more versatile than I’d expected.

It’s quite hard to give the blade’s grind a name, so ‘deep drop-point’ will have to do for now. It’s 2mm thick and made from the excellent Sandvik 12C27 which has proven to be a great all-round stainless steel for many years. It’s no great challenge to sharpen, and yet holds a good edge. Like its big brother, the Kansbol, the Eldris has a novel two-stage grind that is slimmer at the front for delicate work like skinning and gutting, and a deeper grind to the rear, making it stronger and more resistant to chipping.

Perhaps the most unusual feature is the rigid thermoplastic sheath designed so that it can be worn on a lanyard around your neck. This keeps it handy and offers instant access no matter if you’re wearing a T-shirt in the summer or your thickest winter coat. The knife snaps firmly into the sheath, and I had no concern that it might fall out and be lost. As you can see, my sample was red, but you can choose black as well. I like bright-coloured knives so that I have a chance of finding them if I drop them in the long grass at dusk.

This is a great little knife that offers much more cutting power than most small knives, and a solid and supportive grip that delivers full control in any conditions.

Model: Mora Eldris

RRP: £29.95

Tel: 01492 640664


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